wpa slave narratives lesson

Stories of immigrants
Nice website with info about immigration and first person stories of immigrants.

an American History wiki page
This is a wiki from a teacher - good model and useful assignments

American presidents with statues in other countries

The Starving time at Jamestown
Interactive website about the of 1609-1610 in Jamestown

national standards us history

National Archives - pictures of the revolution
This site has images from the Revolutionary war.

National Archives document site
This site has documents and activities for classroom use, a way for you to create your own activities, and a place for students to save their work.

National Archives US history docs site
This looks like a better way into the site.

Interactive American Revolution lessons

Animated battles of the revolutionary war

WWI website

Teaching American History

History Channel Civil War
Great site about the civil war - very student friendly.

10 american history google earth tours