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Lower School:

DreamBox Learning: DreamBox Learning K-3 Math is an online math program that advances with each student, adapting the curriculum just for them. It’s a fun, effective math learning environment. Unlike other math games that often sacrifice learning for entertainment, DreamBox delivers a deep, individualized learning experience.

Cool Math More games for your students to practice their skills.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Hot Shot Business
Created by Disney, this is a real world simulation that can help teach your students an incredible amount of future job skilss.
Students ca:

  • Collect Badges earned by playing the game!
  • Create your own personalized Hot Shot Business player profile, and view your friends' profiles!
  • Unlock the special Opp City Tycoon business:
    Gateway Travel!
  • View your complete business history and your all-time high scores!
Under the Teacher’s guide section, you will find structured scenarios, lesson plans, and interviews from real world entrepreneurs. Students will get the opportunity to learn what it is like to construct and operate their own business. Learn critical thinking skills, math skills, business management skills, budgeting skills, and much more! Students can choose between any of the following businesses: The Comic Shop, Pet Spa, Custom Skate, Pro Landscaping, The Candy Factory, and Gateway Travel. Students will learn what it is like to supply what customers are demanding, keep prices within a reasonable range to create a profit, learn about managing marketing campaigns, and be the boss of their own business. Some students acting as business owners have earned as much as $12 million dollars in this virtual world! Think about how much you’re students will be learning while working with a simulation program, that’s free!

Tangram Puzzles


Fraction Flags - Halves and Quarters
Who Wants Pizza

Multiplication Machine - Drill and Practice Multiplication
Addition Machine - Drill and Practice Addition
Greater or Less Than -
Great K-3 SMARTBoard Sites

Middle School:

Lure of the Labyrinth - A digital game for middle-school pre-algebra students. It includes a wealth of intriguing math-based puzzles wrapped into an exciting narrative game in which students work to find their lost pet - and save the world from monsters! Linked to both national mathematics standards, the game gives students a chance to actually think like mathematicians.

Math Goodies

Created by Gisele Gossler, a middle school math teacher, who taught for six years, Ms. Gossler’s mission is to provide interactive math instruction and free online homework help. Today, the award-winning site has over 500 pages of K-12 activities for students, educators and parents. The site also offers interactive lessons, puzzles and worksheets, which are self-paced learning modules ideal for students of all ages and abilities.
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles Math games and puzzles for your kids to practice and

Cool Math More games for your students to practice their skills.

High School


Interactive Math sites for the SMARTBoard

All Levels

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Mathematics Learning Quests - Learning Quests for use in teaching mathematics.
Algebra - Algebraic form and structure
Measurement - Measurement of length, capacity/volume, mass, area, time and angle; selecting, interpreting, combining, relationships and formulae
Number - Whole powers and roots, scientific notation, ratios, fractions, percentages and negative numbers
A website from England, it offers various math games and problems and looks like it would be very engaging to students. Click on the links button, to find a whole lot more math websites! One of the many games on this website was Mathonaire an interactive version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. This might be an interesting activity to try with the SMART Board. Click this link to go Mathonaire:
Two great sections to check out on this site are the matrix and picture interactive sections. This looked to be more on the math and science spectrum, having interactive exercises, but there is good information here about different cultures that used these machines that might work for essays in Language Arts and Social Studies. Some examples of the interactive exercises are: clocks (might be good for ESOL), scales, protractor, geometric solids, an Aztec calendar, pyramids, and mosaics. There are several different galleries available to search through; however, galleries 3, 11, and 12 have nothing interactive in them. In gallery one, there are a couple of percussion instruments that can be played by using the mouse that might also come in handy for the music curriculum. Click here to go to the Matrix:

Created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and part of the prestigious MarcoPolo Internet Content for the Classroom program, Illuminations was set up to be a public voice in mathematics education; providing vision, leadership, and professional development to support teachers in ensuring mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students. With 100,000 members and 250 Affiliates, NCTM is the world’s largest organization dedicated to improving math education in preK‑12.
Illuminations is designed to:
  • Provide Standards-based resources that improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students.
  • Provide materials that illuminate the vision for school mathematics set forth in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.
You can search for activities relating to your curriculum or check out one of the highlighted activities featured. You can do the same with searching for appropriate lessons. In addition, you can check out Illuminations weblinks. They provide up 726 math resources on the web. Click on Web links, and then click a Standard to find the types of resources you’re looking for.

Math Central
This is an Internet service for mathematics students and teachers. This site is maintained by faculty and students in Mathematics and Statistics and Mathematics Education at the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Cananda. Their site is designed for learners of all ages, but take care to ensure everything on the site is safe for children.

This website offers a variety of resources to students and teachers. Students can use this website to answer questions they have about math problems. Teachers can visit the resource room to get lesson plans or share ideas about curriculum. Teachers and students can participate in the problem of the month competition and send in their answers to Math Central.

Math: For Morons Like Us
This website was created by students as part of the Thinkquest International Website Competition. Students designed and created the lessons, quizzes, and tutorials found on these pages. The subjects covered range from Pre-Algebra to Calculus. On the Introduction page, which you are encouraged to read first, the students have written some background about this site, stating that “…throughout the years, we often became confused or lost. So for those of you who are "morons like us," here's a site that will try to help you understand math concepts better.” With that being said, this website would be good for ESL or SPED as explanations are straightforward and easy to understand.

The site is divided into various sections, including Learn, the largest section within the website. Here you will find tutorials, sample problems, and quizzes. The tutorials and sample problems are very clear and concise and would seem to help anyone who struggles with math and needs some more clarification. Along with the tutorials, students can also take quizzes and search the formula database, a database full of commonly used formulas and what they are used for. Teachers can take a look at the educator resource page and math links for additional resources.

Texas Instruments Education
Texas Instruments Education works with educators throughout the world in designing and developing classroom technology. As a result, their products, training and support materials are well-researched and tested, providing appropriate solutions for every classroom. This website involves more than just activities for math teachers. Click on Activities Exchange and you will find a wealth of activities in every subject, including Language Arts and Social Studies, helping to reach cross-curriculum goals. There are plenty of links to other sources as well, such as the student lounge, where remediation games can be found (also good for ESOL); state curriculums, and grants, including information sources and classes in writing grants; and the official “We All Use Math Every Day” website. A conjunction between Texas Instruments (TI) and the hit TV series “NUMB3RS,” which creates an educational outreach program promoting the many uses of mathematics and supporting math teaching.

Don't forget to check out the T³ Professional Development section. The goal of this program is to provide quality professional development that enables educators to be successful in the classroom through the appropriate use of technology. Some of the programs offered are: The Teacher Leader Cadre program, which provides 9 days of professional development based on principles of effective development for research and best practice. The TLC program truly offers systemic professional development; Summer Institutes, which can be 3, 4, or 5-days workshops. However, the courses are only available through an application process; and online courses that can easily fit into your schedule! In order to reach more teachers in need of quality Professional Development our T³ Online Courses are now FREE.

For the Teacher Leader Cadre program, visit:
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Cool Math More games for your students to practice their skills.