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Western Civilization
Since 1300
by Jackson Spielvogel
- available in google books - it has a great review of freshmen world history (western civ anyway) - click on contents in the book in google books, then on the link to Western Civilization to 1300

Mayan codex - breaking the maths code
Good online lesson about Mayan maths and culture.

Key terms for world history


Women in world history

Indian Ocean history - some good info and resources here

why do civilizations fail lesson

innovation in history (includes from Stone to Silicon)

march madness bracket exercise

Met Museum exhibit - Chinese Art in the Yuan Dynasty

Historiographic analysis of the met Yuan Dynasty exhibit
This blog is presents an analysis of the exhibit as "tame" and contrasts the current curatorial PoVof the exhibit with a 1968 analysis that is the opposite. Useful for introducing World History students to the art, the period, and to historiography.


Japanese Feudal pyramid
external image PS3RnlFkI03181FzWuNRHQ7212


Here is a slide show with audio discussing maps of Africa over time - showing how they were made, what people knew about Africa, a good review of African pre-colonial and early colonial history. With some photos.
Slide show - African maps